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ivan navarro

LOL u just see the elementary school 


Fk sgpdk

Crystal Blanco

OMG! So sad. We grew up with Luis right there on SanVincente. My heart aches for the loss that this family has suffered. What ever happened to the days when police shot to wound??? Both twins, Rest in Peace


@jovann98 you ignorant fuck, I am willing to bet money on the fact that you yourself are of Hispanic decent and yet you are talking shit. I am glad you did move out of L.A. one less imbecile to deal with.


This was posted why?


where at


Police shoot to stop not "wound" if someone tried to kill you, im sure you'd "wound" him and let him finish what he started.


All if This city isn't shit, the part i live in, isn't all that crappy it just depends where u at, so I'm not leaving


My mom works for South Gate PD I've been on a few ride alongs. The city is shit! Its a dump Get out if you can




fuk da pigs!!!!!


And not everyone is Mexican


Even the dam cops have a fucken accent in South Gate . pinchi mojado infested fucken town , I'am glad I moved from L.A. . puro fucken ESL fuckers .

Seven Castle

SG has went down to many fucking wetbacks now, you know the ghetto wetter, they are the ones that come a party and 4 hours later ask have you seen my kids??? damn they should go back and get jobs from the Germans and euros that own all the prime spots in the motherland


Yeah so what you hate me but true what I say . Oh by the way what fucken rancho is your papi from . lol .sorry if I offend those Mexicans left in that town because I hear that it is now infested of puro mierda cerotes now ( salvarodenos mierdas) sorry for the younger generation that dont know the real deal . but the salvador people suck my verga , mierdas del mundo fuckers . Even my best friend that is from El Salvador says they are shit , what does that tell you

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